Budget Review

Chair | Frank Irby

The Budget Review Committee seeks to maintain fiscal responsibility and transparency in our area’s public budgets. The committee reviews trends over time, analyzes proposed budgets, and makes recommendations from their findings to the ECO Board and membership regarding budgetary changes the community should be informed of.


Chair | Dawn Hoover

Increased educational opportunities provide immense social and economic benefits to our community, and students in Okeechobee County deserve the highest quality education we are capable of providing. The Education Committee was formed to identify specific needs within the K-12 school system and works to find solutions necessary to elevate the quality of education provided to our youngest citizens.

Government Affairs

Chair | Keith Walpole

The Government Affairs Committee is actively engaged in and ahead of the current issues facing Okeechobee County. This group serves as a vital link between the business leaders and policy makers, typically meeting with the majority of Okeechobee’s elected officials over the course of the year.


Chair | Fred Fanizzi

An informed and engaged constituency is vital to any healthy organization aiming to make an impact. The Membership Committee was formed to keep our ECO members apprised of the Council’s work and to also vet potential new members to the organization.